Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jab We Met, we fell in love!

The film had me super excited with the trailer. I could barely resist the temptation of watching it day one.

The first shot where the subtle, restrained Aditya Kashyap (Shahid) walks away from everyone and everything, directionless, had me hooked.

The subsequent shot - introducing Geet (Kareena), an idyllic - transported me to an entirely different world. Geet's life is perfect. Her world is perfect. She is in love with everything around her - the city (even though everyone around cribs about how crowded it is), the hills, the mountains (even though she's clueless of the difference between the two) and herself (main apni favorite hun)! The sikhni from Bhatinda runs the show hands down (even overshadowing Aditya in bits).

The fun begins where the chalk and cheese characters meet for the first time. It's a joy ride, thereafter.

Besides the crackling chemistry between the leads, I think it's the simple story and even simpler, relatable characters that make it a memorable film.

Our hero and heroine don't use the trite 'I Love You' to express what they feel for each other. Geet articulates her feelings in the last shot. And Aditya's silence says it all.

The last shot actually reminded me of my favorite dialogue by Shahid (Ladki bhagane ka ilzaam mere sar pe hai aur mujhe ladki bhi nahi mil rahi hai -- superb timings!). He finally gets his due ;)

A wonderfully executed film you won't tire watching repeatedly.

Did I mention I've done it 25 times already?


  1. my most fave romantic movie ever :-)

    Nice to find another blogger with as much love for movies..

    again, sharing my thoughts on the movie - I never tire of discussing it.

  2. @Mukta - lols.. you can't have seen it more number of times than me... I bet ;)

    Read you review..I relived the film again... Thanks!

  3. JWM had a very simple story but a very mature treatmment.
    On the other hand, Love Aaj Kal (other movie by Imtiaz Ali) had a bit complex storyline. Although, the treatment given to the characters and the way the idea was conveyed was much more matured. The gist was conveyed in the final song Aaahun, Aahun (...story remains the same, just the time changes).
    Maybe you can give a review on that movie too.

  4. I saw LAK and had huge hopes coz of Imtiaz Ali but the film, despite a STORY, lacks the punch...


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