Friday, June 25, 2010

Raavan: Boring!

It's very unsettling a feeling when a movie drags and drags without taking the story ahead. I had no great expectations after having seen the trailer. Something in my heart told me this one won't work.

The first hour in the theater pretty effectively proved so. It was going nowhere. The crux of the first 60 minutes is really just Beera (Abhishek) kidnapping the police inspector's wife Ragini (Aishwarya) and ill treating her. Why? You have to sit and endure (i.e., if you manage to last) until the second leg of the movie to find that out. No exaggerations here, but I saw people leave the theatre within the first 45 minutes.

The stuff I had to endure, though, made me wonder (there was loads of time to think :D) what was going on in Mani's mind while creating this masterpiece. The second half was relatively a breather, for it finally gets to the story.

If you like forests, rivers, cliffs, mountains, watch Raavan!


  1. wow....glad i haven't seen it yet and after reading this no plan of seeing it in d future as well...

  2. A very good and interesting concept. But the worst treatment possible. Two things that brought the movie down were Abhishek and the weak story. Abhishek really can't do characters. Every character he plays is Abhishek playing someone. That's not acting. Someone who does that pretty well is Salman Khan, but Abhishek has no style too.
    Still, I really wish someone would take the task of modernizing Ramayan more seriously next time.

  3. @lakshya - I've actually liked Abhishek's work in his previous films..he's superb in Yuva -- his first film that worked at the box office (Mani made that one too) --, sarkar, bunty babli are some of his others films i like.

    But here, he's just offputting -- his head hammering was irritating beyond a point....

  4. Seriously, a test of endurance. I just kept on with it, just to see how worse it could get with a Mani Ratnam movie,. This was beyond shit. Hehe. Its so shit that its not even funny. Such a stinker.

    P.S. Could you please include Name/URL in the comments settings, so that I could include my Website URL rather than adding my wordpress as my userID.

    Cheers to u Mansi for commenting so regularly on my posts.

  5. Considering the bad press the movie has got, I wouldn't waste my money on it. I would better wait for the movie to be screened on National Geographic to showcase the scenic locales :)

    @Mansi - waiting for ur review on Tere Bin Laden

  6. TBL shud be fun..Sardar Laden ;)

  7. Well expressed!

    This was a movie with so much potential and Mani Ratnam should get an award for ruining it badly@

  8. @Bijoy - thanks!

    @ Sanchit - thanks! it couldn't have gotten worse.

  9. Mani Ratnam has reached a level... N more over he has that tamil style of making the movie.. None of his movies except Guru has done great commercially in Bollywood... Sameer

  10. Agreed - boring film. Only thing I like about this film is the song 'Ranjha Ranjha', it has a good hook...


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