Thursday, July 8, 2010

Johnny Gone Down: So Bollywood!

A goulash, seasoned with all the Bollywood masala!
No it's not a Bolly flick. It’s a speedball novel from one of India’s young breed of contemporary novelists - Karan Bajaj. Bajaj’s first - Keep off the Grass, too was a dramatical rollercoaster ride. But Johny… is way high on the ‘drama’ quotient! After reading, I could (almost) guess where the ‘Johny’ came from ;)

Here’s a synopsis:

Nikhil Arya has fallen.

Once, he was an Ivy League scholar with a promising future at NASA; now, at forty, he is broke, homeless, and minutes away from blowing his brains out in a diabolical modern-day joust.

It wasn't meant to be this way. An innocent vacation turned into an epic intercontinental journey that saw Nikhil become first a genocide survivor, then a Buddhist monk, a drug lord, a homeless accountant, a software mogul and a deadly gamefighter. Now, twenty years later, Nikhil aka Johnny is tired of running. With the Colombian mafia on his trail and his abandoned wife and son ten thousand miles away, he prepares for his final act, aware that he will have lost even if he wins.

Or will he? Is there any greater victory than living a life that knows no limits, a world that has seen no boundaries?

Can he pick up the pieces one last time or will Nikhil, now Johnny, go down for good?

The incidences, the circumstances, and the outcomes are as colourful and dramatic as our Hindi cinema. The climax, though, didn’t quite live up to the build-up created throughout the book, I felt. It’s a fun read, nevertheless. Bajaj’s fast-paced storytelling and snappy humour keeps it going.

And at Rs 99, a steal, it wouldn’t hurt at all!


  1. Saif Ali Khan would be best bet for the role of Johny.

  2. I have set my eyes on this one for some time. So, which one of Karan's books do you like most?

    PS Bijoy: Saif isn't colorful choice would be Sanjay Dutt...lived a rocking life and wud fit perfectly

  3. @bijoy - How about Abhay Deol (his DevD image still hasnt gotten off my head)?
    Saif is good as long as I can forgot his ole ole (remember his f*** all dance!)

    Supantha - Sanjay Dutt is too old for that role.. ;) he wouldn't last til the end of the movie (read the book to know more!)

  4. Supantha: Sanjay Dutt? Only you and your wife will watch the movie then.

  5. @Bijoy - don't worry man I will pay for your tickets too ;)

  6. supantha - ...And bijoy is all game... :)
    I liked this one more than his first for all the drama weaved in ;) (I enjoyed Keep off the grass too though don't remember much now, read it long back)


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