Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tere Bin Laden (2010)

A refreshing change from the regular formula films, TBL is a light-hearted approach to the Amreeka-Iran-Bush-Osama issue.

The plot is simple. It's about a guy, Ali Hasan (played by Ali Zafar) who desperately wants to go to the United States of America. A reporter with a third class TV channel 'Danka' in Pakistan, Ali is enamoured by BBC breed of journalists. Passport authorities have rejected him seven times. But he wants to make it by hook or by crook. While on one of his assignments, he comes across an Osama-look alike and plans to make his fake tape. He puts together a team of six. It's fun to watch the situations and traps they end up in.

The 90-minute stage-play kinda of drama is hilarious in spurts but could have been better. It's silly, its unreal. The advantage is its duration which doesn't give you too much time to think about its flaws. What got the audience going, I guess, is the Osama factor. Noora, the Bin-Laden look alike certainly steals the show. Effortless acting by Pradhuman Singh. Cheers to him for having pulled it off so smoothly. His dialogue delivery, his expressions and his timings. Subhan-Allah!

Eight on ten for the 30, handsome Pakistani debutante AliZafar, who's also a singer, musician and a model by profession. (Unfortunately, he got married last year ;)

The low-budget film has grossed Rs 500 million in its first week. It would do better if released in Pakistan. Set in Karachi, no one can connect more with the film (for the language; the feel; the place; for Ali Zafar, one of country's most popular singers; and for the man himself, Kook-roo-kooroo ;) 


  1. Loved every cent of the movie.
    Starting from the first scene - (where the airport landing was similar to the recent hit youtube video of a Pakistaani reporter's coverage of a railway station) to the last - the digging osama!!

    Pakistani punches and noora's loveable verbals!
    For me it was an out n out comedy after a long time. Maybe after "khosla ka ghosla".
    Am just trying to pursuade people to watch this low-budget, funny entertainer. Hoping your review would do the same!

    Nice work!!

  2. I would really love to see the movie.

    It also gives me the inspiration to try to do something like that. I even have a friend, Bijoy, who could have easily passed for Veerappan (with very little makeup). And, being in Karnataka, and a reporter by profession, could have jumped into the big league. But, sadly Veerappan died a few years back, and with that my post-dated idea. :(

  3. P.S. the review was good too. And my condolences to the reviewer for her unfulfilled wish regarding the lead actor. :D

  4. @mepretentious - I thought Noora was the best part about the movie...
    loved the way he says - "dand phaadi jaana hai..."

  5. @supantha - shakal se sharif hi dikhta hai Bijoy, veerappan bana dia tune bechare ko...

  6. I love Ali Zafar...but Noora was the scene stealer in this movie and I wish it could have been better but it got its due so no complaints :)


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