Friday, August 13, 2010

Sorry Bhai (2008): hearty entertainer

It's too vague a title to convey much, which is why, I'm guessing, not many would have seen it. And those that have, haven't taken too well to it. Reason? Tad too unconventional for a Bollywood film! 
I happened to pick up the DVD only recently. But unlike my fuzzy scattered thoughts on it, the film came as a pleasant surprise. It's different, its fresh (save a few scenes, I didn't mind ignoring) with a subject that's been dealt with, unctuously.

The film revolves around chalk-and-cheese brothers - Siddharth (Sharman Joshi), who rejoices in the simple pleasures of life, Harsh (Sanjay Suri), a freakin' workaholic; and Harsh's fiancee Aaliya (Chittranghada Singh), a character that appears practical and level-headed initially but enigmatic, later (for most part of the film).
Harsh, who leaves home years back, to work abroad (in Mauritius) is now ready to tie the knot with Aaliya. He calls Dad (Boman Irani), Ma (Shabana Aazmi) and his bro Siddharth, to be part of this 'very special day of his life' to Mauritius. As Aaliya spends time with Harsh's family, she realizes this is not how she'd pictured her life to be. What ensues is to watch out for! The characters aren't white or black (somewhere, there's a mystifying aspect to each of them). Sharman and Boman (yes!) steal the show here.

Sharman's mama's-boy-evolves-into-a-man-who-dares-to-defy act is on the ball! He play a scientist (out of all the professions!) who's out there to prove a classic (read: nonsensical) theory. When he's not breaking his head over this theory, he indulges in his saxophone. His other interests include Jazz. Sharman, as an actor, is brilliant. His subtle expressions convey more than his dialogues. He is one underrated actor in the industry. 

Boman, with a cheerful disposition, is a sweetheart! He lightens up the screen each time he appears, with his mischievously hilarious repartees, directed mostly at his dear wife. He and Shabana share a great onscreen presence (I enjoyed watching them in Honeymoon Travels!) At 54 and 59 (Shabana is six years older), they heart-warmingly :) justify the word 'chemistry.'

The film is not without its flaws, but it's certainly a one-time watch. Don't be misled by the wishy-washy title. It's a sweet lil film!


  1. nice review...have seen the movie...nd i thought it was a good movie 2 been seen in ur leisure time on a DVD relaxing in ur comfortable bed....would love to see more of chitrangda singh (ignore the spelling) in the industry....thanks once again!!


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