Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Da'bang' for the buck (for Sallu fans!)

Watch it for Salman Khan! It's a routine Bollywood masala film with a hero, a villain, a Maa, and a sautela bhai! There's also the usual item number. (Takes you back to the 70s.) The only difference being the hero now flaunts a Ray Ban. 

Back then, the item number was strictly in honour of the villain. (Naach Basanati naach. Nahi Basanti, in kutto ke saamne mat naachna, remember?)

Here our hero also joins the party! Honestly, Dabangg is all about the hero aka Chulbul Pandey. And this larger-than-life character well lives up to his name. (He couldn't have gotten 'chulbul'er ;) You'll fall in love with him as soon as he enters the frame. Be it the way he flings his glasses (Rajnikant ishtyle?) or slips them down his collar or the way he does a shimmy on Jalwaaa.

salman khan dabangg film review

Among other characters, it's Sonu Sood's performance that catches the eye. Arbaaz plays a dud, and is no good even when it comes to acting like one. His decision to produce the film, however, was right on the money! The film has beaten all previous records collecting 14.5 crore on Day 1. 

There isn't much of Sonakshi, (Shatrughan Sinha's daughter) in the film. She's there to look good and act pricey and she does it well.

Wanted is, beyond doubt, a better film. Dabangg is more of a masala entertainer. Can't end this post without mentioning the music. Melodious numbers -- from chori kiya re jiya to tere mast mast nain. Munni, however, steals the show ;)

Dabangg salman khan malaika arora

Not worth all the hype but Salman's fans sure can't afford to miss this one!


  1. Sadly I'll have to wait for DVD and will lose all of the in-cinema fun! Can't wait, though - it sounds like a blast. I'm not a particular Salman fan but hear such fun things about it. Sonu Sood is on my list of people to learn more about too - loved him in Jodha Akbar.

  2. Even I never liked Salman so much.. A true superstar he is!! I mean not everybody can carry a film like this all alone and make it a block buster.. And I even loved Sonakshi; She is fresh, pretty and really likeable!! Though there are certain moments in the film which a multiplex user wouldn't be able to digest (salman's biceps bulging out of his shirt) but then its Bollywood!! Here ppl can degest anything.. Thumbs up for Sallu!!

  3. Ur post are informative and just like bollywood style crisp, i consider them often before going for a movie

  4. @Beth - It sure won't be all that fun on DVD... you'll miss the seetis ;)

    @Anonymous - I so agree... the scene (Salman's biceps bulging out of his shirt) was silly but after having sat through almost the entire film, people will hopefully be able to digest it ;)

    @Anup - thanks... temme how you liked it...

  5. I never thought I would say this but I think I need to watch Dabang after reading your interesting views on it :)

  6. nice article, I am eagerly waiting for bodyguard! :)


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