Sunday, September 19, 2010

Udaan (2010) - Review

They sneak out of their dorm in furtive steps, trying best to avoid Rathore, their warden. Minutes later the boys find themselves and Mr Rathore in the same theater. Ouch! They know they're in deep shit. And you find yourself wondering - what next. The film pulls you in then on. Rohan and his friends Manu, Vikram, Binoy are expelled (for reasons, obvious) and they've got to figure out, what now. As Rohan heads back home, he is oblivion to yet another blow that awaits him...

Started way back in 2003, Vikramaditya Motwane's (who also wrote DevD) directorial debut Udaan wobbled and floundered all along, for reasons unknown, until it finally saw light of day this year and how! The film made it to the 63rd Cannes selection list.

The story is simple. It's real. It's relatable. It borrows a bit from everyone's life. And that's what makes it likeable. There are moments that make you cry, moments that make you laugh, moments that make you nod in agreement and moments that amaze you outright.

Udaan does remind you of Taare Zameen Par but is watchable, nevertheless, for its different treatment. Thumbs down only to the duration. Could've been far shorter.

The film whips out brilliant performances. Rohan's eccentric father (Ronit Roy) and chachu (Ram Kapoor), both TV actors, hold sway. The 6-year-old Arjun (Rohan's half-brother) played by Aayan Boradia is a stunner. Not to forget Manjot Singh's (Rohan's friend) crazy shtick.


  1. Great job, I'm following you both NB and google please do the same.

  2. @self-taught - thanks for sharing your blog!

  3. You are right… Motwane stretched it too much. In this one, You don't call up a friend and say 'you gotta watch it’.. You go back and the story lingers with you and after a day or 2 you realize ‘it wasn’t that bad’. If repetitive factory scenes and scenery could be edited (that’s like atleast 25 mins of movie) I could watch it again… Sameer

  4. @anonymous aka sameer - dejavu -that's what you feel after films like these... coz sumwhere you can relate to these characters... i completely loved the opening just sets the mood of the film...

  5. You are right, I wish Sardar (of Oye lucky lucky oye) wud have had more role to play... :) Sameer


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