Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do Dooni Chaar (2010) - Review

The film is a refreshing change and is sure to leave you with a smile.


Duggal family, which struggles to make ends meet, is on cloud nine when it gets to 'splurge' a few extra grands off an income tax rebate. The son wants a new iPod, the daughter nothing less than a dish TV. The mother (Neetu Singh), meanwhile is all excited to replace the old, shabby fridge. All this, until the phone rings! It's phuffo (their bua). It's an invitation for a wedding of some xyz relative of hers. An invitation with 'strings attached.' The flat broke 'Bajaj-scooter' Duggal family must come in a car. And CRASH! Their dreams go to pieces. To make matters worse, they now have extra expenses to bear.

What follows is a fun ride. The narrative, light-heartedly, unfolds the situations the Duggals face, in their quest to fulfill what-may-seem-trivial wishes. The title is reflective of the minutest of calculations involved, for a middle-class family, to make ends meet. It's a film for us, about us. All characters are relatable. The kids, for instance, are as rebellious as the ever-sacrificing parents. Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor are adorable. Their chemistry is sure to make you forget the most loved pairs in the industry today.

Somewhere towards the end, the film gets a lil preachy. But a one time watch won't hurt.


  1. thats an excellent post again....keep writing

  2. Hmmm. Does not leave me excited ... Probably u are right .. A one-time-watch... on YouTube!

  3. To my surprise I found Neetu Kapoor better than the herd... But somewhere director has tried to recreate the magic of Hrishikesh Mukherjee.. Only if could have been made 10 years ago... Sameer

  4. I wanted to watch this one, considering the very middle class theme.
    Though not in that strata now, I can relate to it with respect to my and people we have been brought up with.

    Your review reminds me of doing it asap!
    Liked the post layout and review both!

  5. @dukenucane - thanks, as always! still waiting to hear on THE book ;)

    @Anonymous - I agree on that, but films like these are a rarity, today, so didn't mind watching... Neetu Singh is a pleasure to watch...

    @meprententious - gracias... I'm sure you'll like it!


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