Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Break ke Baad (2010) - Break toh banta hai!

I always thought Deepika couldn't act. One up for her! She lives up to my expectations. She s-p-e-a-k-s her dialogues. Poker face. (Oh, I think she does move her brow once in a while - or is it just a twitch? And, how about getting a better hair stylist next time, Deepika?

Not sure what explains Imran's blank expressions in some frames, but he was definitely more tolerable than Deepika. Charming in a few scenes. He looked his best in I Hate Love Storys, but.

Here's the plot. Imran, the good guy, is least ambitious unlike his chuddy buddy Aaliya (Deepika). He's not sure what he wants in life (like most of us). All he's really sure about, is Aaliya. (Aw, that's sweet!) He loves her to pieces. She loves him but is as sure about what she wants in life. An aspiring actress (even in the film ;) she moves to Australia to study. Imran, who can't imagine life without her, breaks on hearing this.

I won't say watch the movie to see what follows. The first half an hour is painfully slow and boring. Keep no expectations from what ensues. Besides the first few minutes, all I really liked were the last ten. I wish that's where the film had begun. Music by Vishal Shekhar, is mediocre at best.

If you have seen the film, take a break (or indulge yourself in better films ;) if you haven't, don't book the tickets just yet. Wait for the DVD!


  1. I am definitely not watching this movie. thanks for the warning :)

  2. nice review :) Saw the film last week... sad it was... deepika wasn't that bad, but...

  3. Thought as much about the film... ghar pe dekhne ke liye theek hai... I liked Deepika though... loved what she is wearing - hot pants!!
    Imran doesn't evince any star power...

  4. @ashad - "Imran doesn't evince any star power..." He just seems to have gotten lucky ;)
    @priya - thanks, @Avada - nice blog!

  5. Saw dis muvi last week...hd loads of xpctations...bt all went in vain..Imran luks lyk sch a poor guy... :(
    c'mmn Imran grw upp.
    Deepika lukd nyc.... cool outfits.!!

  6. just beg to differ here.. though agree completely on Deepika's postmortem!
    saw it yesterday and it found a place in my heart :)
    loved it for the subtlety, imran's soft n yet strong character, maybe coz we all wish for such a guy :)
    n he was talented too as we like our man to be :))

    ok. now music! loved the lyrics when i heard the audios, though barely visible in the movie!

  7. oh god.....i watched the movie in the theater and seriously was wondering if the people in the movie also knew what was happening in the movie.....everyone just keeps hopping between australia and india as if its just an hour journey considering her mom couldn't afford her fees and all that if I remmebre it rightly and then ladkiyan ghar ke bahar nahi rehti raat koo crap from her aunt in aus when she wears really trashy clothes for a daily wear in india....not that her clothes are bad but conservative people certainly don go for them as a daily wear.

  8. @Swati - It's just one of those wannabe films which TRIES to outsmart the audience but soon enough begins to wobble and eventually drop dead...

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