Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guzarish (2010)

Guzarish is the story of a man, paralytic for the last 14 years, whose last wish is to die. Ethan (Hrithik Roshan) has his reasons in place, while his friends, are convinced to the contrary! He files a petition for Euthanasia, mercy killing, nevertheless. A heart-warming, heart-rending tale follows, thereafter. 

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali gets the best out of everyone. Mr Roshan is wondrously amazing. His best so far. It's not (just!) about his looks (he's scruffy in quite a few frames). He leaves behind all (his few and far between rival contemporaries) when he means business. Be it the way he cracks up to lighten the most sombre of moods or the way he emotes in the gravest of shots, without letting out a tear. 

Aishwarya is effective in her role as Sophia, Ethan's nurse. SLB weaves in the idea of love beautifully in every film and that is no less conspicuous here, given the pair's finespun chemistry. It's subtle, it's compelling, it's perfect. Omar Siddiqui, an aspiring magician, played by the 25-year old Aditya Roy Kapoor, lends life to some what-could've-otherwise-ended-up-as-dull-bits in the film.

Not a bad job by Sanjay Leela Bhansali as a first-time music composer. Sau Gram Zindagi by Kunal Ganjawala and Udi by Sunidhi Chauhan are beautiful tracks. Besides being a brilliant actor, Hrithik charms all with his voice. He goes behind the microphones yet again (after Kites) with Life is Wonderful.


  1. my favorite critic has made it all the more urgent for me to check this movie out :)

  2. makes me want to watch the movie even more.. i was looking for a review.. and think i will like a senti movie for a change :)

  3. couldn't sit through the movie... enjoyed the review more then the film (*_*)

  4. Nice one Dutta. Thought of giving it a skip; now I am going to watch it. Booking tickets at Fame -- when are you coming :)

  5. saw guzaarish...loved it...hrithik's acting and bhansali's direction was amazing :)

  6. Again, didn't go for this one, despite being a Roshan fan... It's inspired by The Sea Inside (A Spanish movie and Oscar Winner)...

    That was quite a compelling watch and here are my thoughts: http://alltalkandnoaction.blogspot.com/2009/11/movie-review-mar-adentrothe-sea-inside.html

    I am still undecided if I should watch Bhansali's pic.. I think we have lots of material for producing original stuff.. and someone of his stature and calibre should have looked within than outside for inspiration..

  7. Nice write up.
    True. Aditya was surprise.
    Dont know why there arent many takers for this? Mayb blinded by useless comedies.

  8. adhiraj, glad you liked it!

    vaibhav, tell me how you like it when you watch it.

    ashad, thank you :)

    supantha, Fame is all set to run into losses ;)

    @All Talk and No Action - I thankfully hadn't seen the movies you mentioned before going for this one, that's probably why I enjoyed it a lil more than others :)

    Dunkdaft - Thank you. There's no dearth of typical (read: faltu) Bollywood-esque watchers in our country! (I'll count myself in :) What else could the Rs. 6800 crore industry be thriving on? ;)

  9. hated the movie...it luked too appealing for sensitivity than was required...Hritik did definitely act well but I really couldn't feel his pain...I would say that the movie could have been dealt in a better way...and as usual Ash doesn't really know how to act so lets leave it at that....the student was good though one who comes to learn magic....


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