Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kites (2010) - movie review

Twisted drivel, waste of time, money goes the popular rhetoric. I missed it on the theatre (courtesy advance bookings in its first week after all the hype, and the negative publicity, thereafter) but finally happened to see it last weekend.

Some scattered thoughts.
Great cinematography, hackneyed plot (that's not something to fret about in B'wood) but executed well, a few wasted characters (Kangana Ranawat for one) and a delectably delicious Mr Roshan. Every frame. Every move. [Girls, you won't tire watching him]. A pretty decent start from newcomer Barbara Mori. Convincing as an actor. [She smiles a smile you can't lie to].

The green-eyed couple have their moments but I felt the Hrithik and Barbara's overdone on-the-run sequences took away from what could've otherwise metamorphosed into a beautiful love story. Hrithik's narrative in the opening shot -- Kites, fly in the sky, free... dancing in the wind....with no two lovers...they meet, they fight, they embrace...they almost become one...but it is not the will of the kites...that makes them dance...coz someone else always holds the strings -- is 'supposed' to be reflective of the tragic climax but it instead bespeaks of their fizzles-out-even-before-it-takes-off chemistry ;) 
I wish there was more of them to watch than the repetitive shootout scenes. 
The music is hummable. Dil Kyu Yeh Mera with KK on the vocals is the best in the album. Title track Kites in the Sky in Mr Roshan's voice is mediocre at best.


  1. Kites is a very good example of how big stars can no more carry a movie with a non-existent story line. The chemistry of the lead pair of the movie is super hot. Hrithik + Barbara = Firework= A super hit. Well that's what the producers thought. Unfortunately for them, the mature Indian audience, exposed to the likes of Brangelina, has put question mark on the filmaker's IQ.

    If only this blog writer had been selected for the role of sketching the story for the Harman-lookalike's movie, Endhiran would have to be content with the second-most-profitable-Indian-movie tag.

  2. lols...
    but I must say - I loved the "end." Overall, I guess it's a nice DVD watch!

  3. it took you 6 months to watch Kites... now get ready for Guzaarish (am equally worried for that film as well)

  4. I enjoyed this perhaps the fact i saw it at the premiere with hrithik feets away from me clouded my judgement :). it was a fun ride (popcorn flick) i just wish there had been more bollywooddisms like juicy song and dance numbers i think that's a reason the film didn't sit well with many people both Indians and non indians alike. I mean, how can you make a film with Hrithik and not let him sing and dance in 2 or more so dance numbers

  5. @Shrey - There is a typicality about all SLB films... His only films I like are Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas. Black's not my cup of tea... Sawariya was ummm yawn... Haven't seen Khamoshi... but I so hope Guzarish doesn't disappoint...

    @Bollywooddeewana - I'm sure the whole excitement about winning the passes got you going.. Hrithik sure is an eye candy onscreen and offscreen (met him when he was in Delhi for the shooting of Yaadein...)

  6. i enjoyed the music of the film and hrithik the most... dont no who made kangana an actress... ive barely seen any models become successful actresses, she better go back to modelling...


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