Monday, November 1, 2010

Salt (2010) - movie review

The film is a quick-paced, action-packed thriller that unravels (or rather mystifies) as quick as lightning, keeping you hooked till the last shot. One scene spawns an idea, the other leaves you pondering over its veracity!

CIA officer Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie), is done for the day and about to leave office, when she's asked to stay over, to interview a Soviet defector, named Orlov, who has come to their headquarters to give information about Day X, a Russian-masterminded operation that will eventually lead to the destruction of the U.S.

The operation will begin with the murder of the Russian president at the U.S vice-president's funeral in Manhattan. And the agent who will carry this out is Evelyn Salt.

Orlov's neural scans tell he has been truthful all through. Salt is on the run thereafter, stoking suspicion. What ensues is a relentlessly pacy, adrenaline-rousing adventure. The film is an out and out entertainer but not without loopholes. What explains Jolie's (unscathed!) escape, from the car, that falls from the flyover (that's quite a height), crashing onto another car? (She uncuffs her hands and walks out unnoticed, from the accident spot). Or for that matter, Jolie jumping trucks, rushing past the traffic on a bike, dodging every bullet, (every bullet?) taking down hordes of well-trained men?

The good part, nevertheless, is that the 100-minute film leaves you with no time to ponder over its irrationalities. If you can care less about the physical impossibilities and far-fetchedness of the storyline, it's a fun watch!


  1. And thats not too tough for us 'THE ARDENT BOLLY FANS' (Refering to the last line)...

    Checking ur blog almost everyday nw... Gotta be more frequent with posts Cheers, Sameer

  2. @anonymous - I'll keep it coming... btw, why don't you link your responses to your profile?

  3. O I hv been thinking of that but the only thing is that my blog (technology) has no connection with yours.. Hv been thinking of starting one on the movies 'I watch like 365 movies/year'... May be will link it with that profile.. So had been reviewing blogs on movies and thats how I landed here... BTW what I like abt your writing is you neither give the story away nor do u compromise with your perception... N u keep the text short; like it that way.. I found one where Dabaang was analysed scene by scene in like ten thousand words.. So Cheers to eatpraylove... :)

    PS - Suggest some good untaken title for a movie blog... How about Introduction will be 'I was kidding, now since you are here you might as well read my posts' ;)

  4. Ah, I'm flattered! (think I should change mine to this one!),,, ;)

    PS - - now that will get you like the maximum clicks... but be ready for some RUDE comments ;)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the movie now.

  6. Salt is one of my favorite action flick as of this year.

  7. I love Ange and she looks really hot in the movie.....though the movie is deinitely a little farfetched....

  8. Just putting the Blu-Ray copy into my PS3 as I write...

  9. @bollyhood - tell me how you liked it :)


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