Monday, December 20, 2010

Saathiya (2002) - Review

This one's very close to my heart and will always be. What works from the beginning till the end is the chemistry Adi (Vivek Oberoi) and Suhani (Rani Mukherji) share. It's realistic, it's relatable.

Adi, Suhani are passionate, crazy lovers and that's palpable, every time they exchange a dialogue or even just a smile! Their story is not without their share of misunderstandings and arguments but at the end of it all, they know they can't do without each other.

Saathiya is a very basic love story but it's the treatment (courtesy director Shaad Ali) that makes you want to pick up the film again and again. It's love at first sight for Adi, who meets Suhani at a wedding. The puppy-dog eyes lover boy does all he possibly can to patao her, pursuing her everywhere. Strong and determined Suhani (a medical student) is all too occupied in her studies to even give it a thought! She refuses to believe his version of the (love) story. For her, it's anything but love. But Adi is more than well-versed with the tricks of the trade ;)

I'll count this among Rani's best performances. I also enjoyed watching her in Bunty aur Babli, Hum Tum, Tara Rum Pum, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, Dil Bole Hadippa. Vivek Oberoi broke his stereotypical Chandu image (of Company) with this film.

Coincidently, the film completes eight years today!


  1. agreed on everything - this movie really is a simple yet classic love story.

    I just wish vivek stopped making movies after this one since he has no talent left anymore, just ego.

  2. Happy Birthday, Saathiya! :)
    I've also been loving this one since I saw it the first time... You forgot the music - it's fabulous!

  3. Yaar, your blog has started to take the shape of a full fledged movie portal...Good going Mansi "Zuckerberg" Dutta.

    And, it was good to read about Saathiya after such a long time...I still love the music.

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  5. Sonu Nigam's title song is what comes to mind when i think of saathiya :)
    the music was as good as the film... another beatiful track from this film is Chupke se...sung by Sadhna Sargam...

  6. Indian movies, dances and musics have a very special place in most of Indian films lovers in Indonesia, since Ray Kapoor up to Shah Rukh Khan.
    We love the story, the decencies, the songs, the dancers, the film stars...everything with Indian films. So Bravo to Bollywood!!!

  7. @ Lakshya, guess he got off track with that Salman episode, but he'll be fine :) atleast he can act.

    @ Lime (tte), i have to say I missed on the music.. it was great.. my fav is Chupke se..

    @ Supantha, love you for that!! :)

    @ Shruthi, thanks!

    @ Ashad, i loved it tooo... chupke se is my fav

    @ Neneng, naiice to meet bollywood lovers across the world :) three cheers!!!

  8. I guess only movie from present genre which inspired me romantically :)
    sadly never travelled on trains to college!

    loved their make-shift house. for once thought having something similar with calendar n all :D

    loved all songs.. melody.. lyrics.. feel.. just divine!

  9. @mepretentious - Inspires you romantically.. ah.. im yet to hear the stories ;)

  10. Rani and Vivek share a great chemistry, wonder where vivek is lost, looking forward to seeing him in bloody paki, hopefully with rani too :)
    nice blog.


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