Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Matrubhoomi - A Nation without Women (2003)

If you're looking for some sort of entertainment after a busy day at work, this is not the kind of film you'd want to pick up. It's disturbing and despressing. But it's one of the most picturesquely filmed piece of work I've seen in recent times. From the very first frame, the film transports to you to a world you're oblivion to or rather wish to remain oblivion to...

Female infanticide is widespread in a village in North India, the repurcussions of which carry the film forward. A woman, far and wide, is hard to come by. Tulip Joshi surprises as the oppressed 'Kalki,' who happens to be the seemingly only woman left. [The last I saw her was in Yashraj's Mere Yaar ki Shaadi hai where I thought she even found it hard to deliver her dialogues straight out]. It's disturbing to see what she goes through in a world that reeks of ruthless, beastly men. Sushant Singh is endearing as the simpleton Suraj, one of the few men sympathetic towards Kalki.

Every character delivers his best. The background score, by Samil-Suleimaan, perfectly gels with the sombre mood of the film. The film gets a little repetitive and slow in parts but definitely a one-time watch! [It won four awards at International film festivals].


  1. Never heard of this film, but it really sounds interesting... Maybe I should watch it together with "Lajja" and "Anjaam" or something.

  2. just wanted the movie 2 days before....good movie, but ur right, it does get depressing. all in all, it's a good piece of cinema, and one time watch only.

  3. @limette - sorry for a late reply, do share your thoughts on the film!
    @Neha - welcome to the blog!


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