Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chandni (1989) - Review

Boy (Rohit) meets girl (Chandni), falls for her, woos her, and is all set to marry her when due to some unforseen turn of events, life does a volte face for the two. [One of my most loved films, Chandni brings back memories of kindergarten when I'd danced on one of its songs and won the first prize. Still wonder if it was in recognition of my dancing skills ;)] 

The YRF-typical love story was a welcome change for it came at a time when Bollywood was flush with violence (a lost decade for hindi cinema). The film celebrates romance. It celebrates music. And more than anything it celebrates Sridevi.

From her playful smile to her infectious laughter, to her zillion-a-second expressions, Chandni eulogizes Sridevi all the way. Rishi Kapoor, even with a few extra pounds ;-), proved true to Kapoor blood. He is one of the most natural actors the industry has ever had. The film made for a great watch back then, whatever little I understood of it :) I would go back to it again and again, in school, viewing it in bits and parts. All in all, a must watch more for Sridevi fans than Bollywood fans.

[Titbit - Rekha was first offered to play Chandni. She refused but recommended Sridevi for the same.]