Friday, February 11, 2011

Down the memory lane...

This one's going to be a series of the first few Bollywood films I saw :) And I'll begin with my first and favorite.

Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

It's hard to imagine that I was only 4 when I saw it first. It's tough to count how many viewings I've had of this one. More than, possibly, any other Bollywood film. And that prolly explains my louve for romantic flicks. (It was MPK I grew up watching after all ;)

From the songs to the star cast [I was in love with Salman then, Bhagyashree unfortunately vanished after her first and only film, Reema Lagoo is by far the bestest mother onscreen] to the story, screenplay, dialogues [I can recall almost all till date :)] to the Antakshari bit woven neatly into the film, it was a complete entertainment package.

If I watch it today, I obviously find the idea of romance old world and difficult to relate with (we've moved past Kabootar to twitter ;) but it's the innocence of it all that makes it special for me even today. @Bollywood lovers, don't miss this one!

Up Next - Chandni (1989)


  1. Ok, I'll take you by your word - this one is going to be on tomorrow (rajshri ;)).

  2. my all time favorite... cute chemistry between Salman Bhagyashri... yes you right today it mayy not seem as great as back then... today i have to fast forward it in bits...


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