Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hollywood Money: 2010

The following list is how much money each person made in 2010. The list is the top 7 people.

Hate them. Be Jealous. Admire. Appreciate. Enjoy.

Again: This is not personal total wealth, it is what they made in 2010 ONLY.

1. James "Avatar" Cameron: $257 Million

How: Avatar. $2,781,505,847 in ticket sales. Not including DVD (so he'll continue to make money for years from these sales). And he is famous for taking a smaller director fee (not THAT small) and compensates with a percentage of every dollar earned.

2. Johnny Depp: ~$100 Million

How: 3 Films.

a) Alice in Wonderland was disney's biggest hit last year, earning an unexpected 1 BILLION dollars. His fee was $50 million.
b) The Tourist. Not a good movie, didn't make crazy money, but Depp charges over $20 million per film, so success isn't necessary.
c) Pirates. Pirates. Pirates. Pirates. The 2nd trilogy (beginning with the fourth film starting this may) is easy going to make over a 100 million for him over the next 4-5 years. Constant, stable revenue - the power of franchises.

3. Steven Spielberg: $80 million

How: 2010 was a slow year for Spielberg. He was filming two films most of the year, "War Horse" and "TinTin" (trilogy-expect a new billion dollar franchise), and only released two films as producer: "Hereafter" (decent revenue), and "True Grit" (huge hit).
BUT he has so much revenue coming in from licensing, theme parks, dvd sales, syndication, oh and his studio "Dreamworks", which released "How to Train Your Dragon", one of the biggest films of 2010.

4. Inception Geniuses: Christopher Nolan ($71.5 Million), Leonardo Dicaprio ($62 Million)

How: For Nolan, only Inception. Worth every dollar. For DiCaprio: two films, Inception and Shutter Island, both big hits.

5. Tim Burton: $54 Million

How: Directed Alice in Wonderland. Overrated film, but the audience disagrees.

6. Taylor Lautner: $33.5 Million

(no picture necessary)

How: "How" is easy: Twilight, and then other project signings.

But, "WHY?": I have no idea.


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