Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mixed Doubles (2006) - movie review

Mixed Doubles comes alive with its intriguing characters and a believable setting rendering a sense of lived-in reality. The film with its smooth screenplay gives a peek-a-boo into the married life of a couple that has lost all spark-that-used-to-be and their quirky attempts to restore it. The 90-minute dramedy is, for most part, engaging.
The pre-climax bit seems to have been dealt with too hurriedly after all that Rajat Kapoor does to build it up. 
Every character is at his best. Konkana Sen as Malti is her convincing-self. She brings freshness to every role she plays. You can't not love the weird yet adorable Vinay Pathak with his absurd ideas of love and life. Ranvir Shorey is doing what he does best. Comedy. His expressions are enough to tickle your funny bone.
The film didn't go down too well with the masses (hence, prolly unheard of) but if you're game for some experimental cinematics, go for it!


  1. Only heard good things about it and Konkona should be great in it!

  2. She's a delight! One of my favorites in the industry...

  3. I guess the movie deals with the taboo subject of wife swapping .......and so wasn't a commercial success.....nyc review all the same....

  4. I enjoy parallel cinema more than our commercial masala films. you dint talk about rajat kapoor. i thought he was great, and actors like ranvir, vinay, konkana are an icing on the cake,, you should review more offbeat films on your blog.


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