Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patiala House (2011) - Review

Old wine in a new bottle! The whole Bollywood redefined rhetoric comes to naught with films like these. Patiala House offers a dry script with a tediously commonplace screenplay. The first few scenes (that capture the rift between the Sikhs and the English), set the mood of the film. Akshay Kumar is completely in the character and you want to believe he's going through it all.

But after a point, he appears as miserable as someone out of an Ekta Kapoor soap, who's lost all hope and only exists to live for others. You almost want to reach out to him and tell him ENOUGH. Dimple Kapadia (playing Akshay's mother) is as good as furniture in the house.

You sit there out-guessing every dialogue, waiting for something less predictable to happen. (Anushka's 'Do what you're born to do,' with exclamatory expressions, works as good as Ekta Kapoor's trademark camera effects. Anushka repeats her Band Baaja....'s peppy, adorable act. But one more time I see her doing this I'll be bored.

It's sure to do well in Punjab and our Sardarjis in K for Caneda are going to lov it. For me, the only good part about the film was Shafqat Amanat Ali's song kyu main jagoon which plays in the background on and off.

Repeat Value - If you've endured it once, it's more than a favor to Nikhil Advani!


  1. Who told Nikhil Advani to do this... Did he come up with it himself? I haven't seen it, but reading the reviews, I assume it will not be even half as good as Kal Ho Naa Ho... One of my sabse favorite fillums, by the way.

  2. @Lime(tte) - Another run off the mill rhetoric... even anushka bored beyond a point... kal ho na ho is far more watchable than this one...


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