Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bheja Fry 2 (2011) - Review

Fourteen souls in the theatre but I gave BF2 a benefit of doubt given that I was watching it on a weekday. Half an hour into the film and I realised there wasn't much to look forward to. Ten minutes before the interval I had managed to doze off for a bit. Post interval promised even worse.
It's a boring script with even more boring characters. There is nothing endearing about the musical Bharat Bhushan (he's rather irritating). Kay Kay Menon is as wasted a character (as he was in Bhindi Bazaar). Only Amol Gupte knows what he was trying to do in the film.
All in all, a complete waste of an effort (if there ever was). Don't even bother a DVD watch. (For those who wrote off Ready, now you know what's a wiser choice ;) 

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  1. i don't lyk this pair of vinay pathak and Kay Kay....the first was a cult classic....but the second one did not live upto the hype....


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