Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

I’m sure that every person who grew up on Pixar films has a favorite based on when they saw it or when it came out. For me, that favorite is Monsters, Inc.
The one thing that makes Pixar unique - besides their storytelling - is their unique point of view for each film. Beginning with toys, followed by bugs, fish, old men, robots, cars - Pixar knows how to pick a universe to tell a story. But for me their most unique perspective was from the eyes of the monsters that haunt kids at night. How did that story pitch meeting get started?!
But of course, the universe doesn’t have life and love without its characters and their motives - and the monsters motive to scare kids was pretty simple - the screams of children is their electricity!
Once the backdrop has been set, we are immersed into a multi-layered story when a little girl breaks into the other side - the monster world - and meets the films protagonists. With a truly breathtaking climax sequence which only exemplifies the scope of Pixar’s living and breathing imagination, we leave the film excited about the future of these monsters and kids who we just met 90 minutes ago.
As I mentioned before, The Incredibles may be the best Pixar movie to date, but Monsters Inc is the closest to my heart - and while I look forward to the possibility of Incredibles 2, I am afraid of my impending disappointment with Monsters University (2013). I know Pixar won’t disappoint its viewers, but the 24 year old version of me who sees the prequel in 2013 won’t be as happy as the 12 year old me back in 2001 when I met Sully, Mike, and Boo.

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