Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No One Killed Jessica (2010) - Movie Review

Murder. Trial. Acquittal. And a final knock-down. No One Killed Jessica is high on drama, with some cutting music and acidic dialoguery.

Vidya Balan is the heart of the film. As the simpleton Sabrina, she perfectly portrays a common man seeking justice. Be it as the bold, dignified Lolita of Parineeta, the headstrong Vidya of Paa or as the daring Krishna of Ishqiya, Balan's every act has been exemplary. Wish Bollywood was more about good actors than size zeroes.

 Rani Mukherji as the daring, sharp-tongued journalist Meera Geti adds spunk to her role but overdoes it at times. Music is almost like a character in the film. After Udaan and DevD, Amit Trivedi does a good job with this album. The opening song Dilli couldn't have better gelled with the film.

Overall, No One.... makes for a decent one-time watch. The second half could've been tighter. A few courtroom scenes felt trite. [But in one of those, notice Vidya break into a chuckle as the laywer questions the witnesses].