Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greatest Films Of All Time: Part III - PIXAR

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Pixar Animation Studios - A studio so powerful, so profitable, so undeniably perfect that they deserve their own list for creating some of the greatest films of all time.
Although Pixar has produced 12 films to date, and all of them did very good - critically and commercially - I’m going to list out the ones that I consider to be truly unique in concept as well as execution.

The Incredibles



Monsters, Inc.

Toy Story

Honorable Mention: Ratatouille
Now I’m a huge fan of Pixar. I’d even admit it is the best and most original film production company in the entertainment industry. But with news coming in about producing sequels to their previous hit films (Cars 2, Monsters, Inc 2), I’m not sure they'll remain as original. They may be able to produce better sequels (Toy Story 2 and 3 easily surpassed the original), but I’d prefer to see more unique stories like The Incredibles or Wall-E. It seems like the studio is getting pushed to make more money by its parent company - Disney - which knows how to milk a franchise till it isn’t fun anymore.
That being said, Pixar is way ahead of competition and as long as their creative team remains in control we can expect more classics and blockbusters in the future.

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