Thursday, June 30, 2011

Up (2009)

If the opening montage about the happy lives and lifetimes of a couple wasn’t/isn’t enough to convince you that this film deserved the Oscar, even if Carl’s undying love for his wife didn’t melt your heart, then Dug the dog must have accomplished both.


Up is the story of Carl, an old man who wanted to give his home, the tangible form of his wife and their life together, the trip it deserved. Tagging along on his journey is Russell, a boy who is as brave as he is adorable, and Dug, the talking dog.

The story of Up isn’t unique, but it is one that has never been told. Maybe the giant bags of money from Cars merchandise was enough to distract Disney for another year, since Pixar decided to follow up Wall-E, a licensing mehhh, with Up, a licensing no-no. Still, Pixar did it again and wowed the critics and the audience with a protagonist who if real would have definitely met Walt Disney, the inventor of everything animation. 

Favorite Quote: Everything Dug says. Examples: “I have just met you, and I love you!” and of course, “Squirrel!” 

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