Thursday, July 7, 2011

Delhi Belly (2011) - Movie Review

A fairly engaging plot with intriguing, relatable (but sometimes unpredictable) characters.

Imran Khan, for a change, is comfortable in his role and more tolerable than in his last, I hate Luv Storys. The adorable Vir Das (Arup) is bang on with his comic timings. Even without dialogues, he has a screaming screen presence. (He was last seen in Badmaash Company. Not sure if anyone remembers his cameo in Namastey London).

Part-funny, part-annoying Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapoor, right), who suffers from delhi belly (diarrheal attack) throughout the film, evokes quite a few laughs but it's Vijay Raaz, the gangster who shines all the way. Even his poker face dialogues do not fail to tickle your funny bone.

With catchy lyrics, the music gels well with the mood and pace of the film. There's nothing extraordinary, though, about Amir's item number that has been amidst a lot of hype recently. So much for the cheesy lines!

Even as Delly Belly makes for a decent watch for our 20-somethings, the unabashed use of profanities, sexual innuendos, and loud, crass humor surely won't rock the boat for age groups beyond. A strict no-no with family! 

(Tidbits- Ranbir Kapoor and Chitrangada Singh were earlier to star in this film. I can imagine Chitrangada in the film but Ranbir??)