Saturday, September 10, 2011

Se7en (1995)

A certain entry in many genres - crime, murder mystery, thriller, drama. Director David Fincher was robbed of his Oscar for The Social Network earlier this year, but his unique storytelling techniques can be found here as well. 

Se7en is a brilliant story about a serial killer who kills a person every day based on the 7 sins, and the two cops trying to stop him (played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt). With an ending that will leave any viewer shocked, this film is quite possibly the smartest, most brutal serial killer chase film in history. 

The theme of the film, which starts as a mystery about “who is the killer?”, quickly turns around to “who is the victim?”. Creating and executing such a change mid-way through the film is a commendable achievement in itself, but the true genius is in the characters and how they react to the film’s twists and turns. 

Beautifully filmed as well - if the cinematography in the film doesn’t make you feel disgusted and disturbingly-impressed by the gruesome murders, you don’t have a human soul. 
Fincher and Pitt followed this film with the cult classic Fight Club in 1999, a previous honoree in  the Greatest Films of All Time list.

To our bollywood readers: you may remember India’s response to (read: copy of) this film: Samay (2003) with Sushmita Sen as both Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. 

Author’s Note: If you liked Se7en, check out the show “Criminal Minds” (if you haven’t already). The mood is lighter, but the villains are complete psychopaths. 

Greatness Elements: screenplay, direction, characters. 

Favorite Scene: Not a spoiler (i.e. not the last scene), but a great sequence about the theme of the film and pretty much the entire human existence. Even without the film around it, this is just one of the greatest scenes ever by itself: YOUTUBE LINK

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  1. unforgettable movie, Greed, Wrath ETC, i loved the way the film travels, awesome screenplay and Morgan freeman voice wont let us deviate...
    I forgot the villain guy's name, i think he is also one of the actor in L.A.. his sadistic behavior will be natural :) Good reminder :)


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