Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Movie Antakshari: Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

Baithe baithe bore hue karna hai kuch kam
shuru karo antakshari leke prabhu ka naam

Spanning Bollywood's most memorable films, The Movie Antakshari is brought to you by EatPrayLove and The Bolly Hood. The twist is - it involves no singing (though, I bet I could do it better than Bolly Hood ;), it involves Bollywood film titles.

Bolly Hood started with Hum. (For the uninitiated, my obvious pick is 'M' - the last letter of the film title, and since I choose Maine Pyar Kiya, bollyhooha's next pick would be a film starting with 'A.')

So, here goes:

If you're a Eat Pray Love... regular, you'd probably guessed my pick by now. I saw it a zillion times on my VCR (the pre-VCD/DVD era). The film introduced me to the world of Bollywood and how! Which is also why it has a special place in my heart.

Watch it for the story (as melodramatic as it may seem today), watch it for the heart-warming chemistry between the leads, watch it for the most amazing soundtracks (I can still listen to all songs and they sound as fresh), watch it for Salman!

I was in love with Salman after watching MPK and honestly, it was because of him, that I'd watch it over and over. The sincerity with which he goes all out to woo his love is hard to come by in films today. Bollywood romcoms have come a long way since MPK. From Hum Tum to Salaam Namaste, Jab We Met, Dostana, Pyar ka Punchnama. But the 'old-world' me doesn't mind going back to MPK once in while. (Tidbit: The film ran for five long years on theaters!)

Anyhoo, it's over to Bollyhooha now. And the letter is 'A'. Go go!

Complete list of Antakshari films:

Maine Pyar Kiya
Amar Akbar Anthony
Namak Haraam
Mera Naam Joker
Rocket Singh: Salesman of The Year


  1. I too had a video or two of it in my house! (it's definitely lying around somewhere...) Mansi have you noticed that the supporting cast are now basically Indian TV serial stalwarts? I especially see the father (I can't remember whether he was Suman or Prem's father though) on Zee TV a lot! I'm surprised you didn't mention Manohar, probably the standout comedic character from the film.

  2. So, how does this work? I leave a title here and others pick it up from there? Well, here goes...

    Amar Akbar Anthony.

    That was easy.

  3. @bollyhooha - Yes! That's Alok Nath. He played Suman's (Bhagyasgree) father. I remember how Manohar would go all the way clean-heartedly and endearingly supporting Prem... i even liked in hum aapke hai kaun...didn't see him much after that...on tv or in movies...

  4. @Initials - Hi, Welcome to our blog!
    Bolly Hood and me are actually doing this feature, where in we'd alternately blog on the most memorable films in an Antakshari format...
    so he starts with the letter I end my film with... and vice versa...
    bollyhooha started with Hum..., and I continued with the last letter - M - Maine Pyar Kiya...he'll now blog on a film stating with 'A'

  5. That's great! Awesome concept! Good luck! :)

  6. As I already wrote on Bollyhooha's blog, I'm totally digging this new feature. Haven't seen MPK yet, but it's available legally and free, so I'll catch it some time. If you fell in love with Salman, it must be good - it's hard for me only to like him.

  7. So I take it you will be following our series Initials? Make sure you head over to www.bollyhooha.com

  8. Thanks Mette.

    @Bolly Hood - Why 'Y'? ;)

  9. Excellent picks, marvelous for movie frenzies .

  10. @Pramod - Welcome to the blog :)


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