Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Movie Antakshari - Masoom (1983)

The Movie Antakshari, an attempt to recollect Bollywood's most memorable films, brought to you by EatPrayLove and Bolly Hood, is now in full swing. We're almost a month into it now but here's a quick recap for the ones who've just joined in.

The Movie Antakshari is much like the song antakshari that I'm sure you've all played at some point - school trips, college canteens, office cafeteria. For the ones who've been living under a rock, here goes - pick a song and the next person picks a song with the last alphabet of your last word. Easy? Just replace 'song' with a 'film title,' which is what we're playing here.

Here are the entries until now -

Hum, Maine Pyar Kiya, Amar Akbar Anthony, Yahaan, Namak Haram.

Bolly Hood, left me once again with 'M.' So here goes my pick -

Masoom (1983)

Based off Eric Segal's novel Man, Woman & Child, Masoom released before I was born but I remember watching it over and over with my mum on our VCR. It was one of her favorite films. I never completely understood it then. Today as I watch it, 20 years hence, it brings back memories of how I'd cuddle up with her and watch the film while trying to make sense of whatever I possibly could.

The beauty of Masoom lies in how delicately delightfully first-time director Shekhar Kapur explores relationships - the tensions between a husband and a wife, the tenderness between a mother and a daughter, the bond between a father and a son. Naseeruddin and Rahul's (played by Jugal Hansraj) father-son chemistry works tremendously and is one of the reasons why you should watch the film. There's also baby Urmila Matondkar in this film playing Naseeruddin's daughter but it's his younger daughter Aradhana who's the more vibrant and noticeable of the two. You'll love her for her playful ways.

While each character is appreciable, your heart goes out for Rahul. His onscreen presence is enough to move you. Unfortunately, Hansraj hasn't had much success in films after growing up. [I saw him in Mohabbatein, Papa Kehte Hain, Salaam Namaste (cameo)].

Masoom, while being a good film, also gave us some of the most memorable songs. Lakdi ki kathi (I'd be surprised if you haven't heard that song as a kid), tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi, do naina ek kahani thoda sa baadal thoda sa paani.

Overall, what works for Masoom is that it goes beyond the clich├ęd Bollywood clutter. Next time you hear someone trashing Bollywood, you know what to recommend!

@Bolly Hood - It's over to you now. And the letter is 'M.' Go for it!

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