Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rockstar Review

Rockstar definitely doesn't live up to all the ballyhoo it created. Or probably, Imtiaz is a victim of his own success.   

**  After proving himself in films as assorted as Sawariya, Rajneeti, Bachna Ae Haseeno and Wake up Sid, it's no surprise Ranbir delivers without a hitch. His Janardhan Jhakar act is as convincing as the maverick, non-conformist Jordan. It's truly his film and if it does turn out to be a hit, it's courtesy him. 

** Ranbir-Fakhri chemistry. Bollywood's long lost charm in a love story is back and how! And quite like Jab we Met, there are no cliched 'i love you's' and 'do you love me.' 

** The film has got an amazing look and feel. The cinematography is slick. The Kashmir scenes and the stage shows, particularly, are shot brilliantly. The magnanimity of it is over-whelming.

**Rahman lends soul to an otherwise dry film. Had it not been for his music, (I would've been asleep halfway) there isn't much for Rockstar to bank on. Kun faaya kun (which has been so beautifully woven into the film) and the shehnai-guitar jugalbandi between Shammi Kapoor and Ranbir is NOT to be missed.
** Nargis Fakhri robs the film off its what-could've-otherwise-been some of its very  precious moments. Add to that her dialogue delivery, which is mostly gawky. Her character is weird to the T. There was nothing amusing about the whole 'junglee jawani' thing which was played up a bit too much. Her idea of fun is as quirky as her character. A distorted version of Katrina, Fakhri was an appalling choice for a role like this.

** The screenplay is as random as it could get. Tediously lengthy, Rockstar could've been wound up far more quicklier.

** The film gets going on a strong note but dwindles midway leaving you in the hope that it would eventually pick up pace, which it does, but that's only short-lived.

** Most characters exude staleness from Piyush Mishra (who's a brilliant actor otherwise) to Fakhri's mother. 

Despite the grandiosity of it all, there was something missing in the film. It leaves you wanting for more. Strictly for Ranbir fans. Others wait for the DVD.

Here's the song that's been on a repeat mode in my head ever since I left the theatre.