Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Dirty Picture - Review

It's hard to think of Vidya Balan when you think 'sleaze', 'raunch', 'vulgar.' That is probably what makes The Dirty Picture all the more intriguing. After films like Parineeta and Paa, Vidya is (surprisingly!) plumb perfect as Silk Smitha. 

While all characters - Naseeruddin Shah, Emran Hashmi, Tushhar Kapoor - are good, no one quite matches up to Balan's exuberant screen presence and performance. And I say that not because she dares to bare. It's because she convincingly dares to bare. She shines in the scene where she holds up the traffic while ruining a journalist's party.

Packed with a quite a few cliches and a plot, we aren't really new to, thanks to films like Fashion and Page 3, The Dirty Picture broadly rests on Vidya's shoulders and some hard-hitting dialoguery that should help it earn its bucks while running a few more weeks at the theaters.

December seems to be the award-winning month for Vidya. It was for Paa last year. Get preparing your customary 'thank you' speech already ;)


  1. One of my friend's reaction after watching the movie:
    "160 gone in dirt"
    [ http://kapilkedia.blogspot.com/2011/12/160-gone-in-dirt.html ]

    After reading this, I had no courage to go and watch the movie!

  2. @Samyyyr - you re not alone... One of my friends hated it too!

    To each his own, I guess;)


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