Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don 2 (2011) Review

Disclaimer - Contains spoilers, staking the knowledge of which, would be better than sitting through the two-hour something drill ;)

Besides the fact that Don 2 is a confused little mess of so many Hollywood films, its utterly boring first half and most part of the second half (which means, more or less the entire film) does little for even SRK loyalists like me to root for the film.

He looks lean and ugly for most part and barely matches up to the magnanimity required for this larger-than-life character. How many will agree that Hrithik could've managed the act far better? [Before SRK fans shower me with all the love in the comment section, I must admit though, that he looks dapper in the title song and the last shot on the bike.] 

And what got Kunal Kapoor that role still evades my senses. The cliched 'Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai' rhetoric drilled unabashedly into our heads made the pre-climax (where Kunal ditches Shah Rukh) SO predictable.

All other characters looked least interested at best. Lara, Priyanka have delivered better than this. Boman Irani has the same old nasty expressions we've seen in so many films. He should stick to comedy. Om Puri looked tired and retired. The music of the film is average, and in no way helps the film further.

Even the keen wait for the DVD while I wait for the next big thing (fingers crossed!).