Thursday, February 16, 2012

Top 5 movie recco sites ran a poll this week asking readers for the best movie recommendation services. These were the top 5:

For a lot of people, a "rotten" rating is enough to make them not want to see a movie at all, much less spend money on it in the theaters. The site does an excellent job of aggregating movie reviews from all over the web, including the voices of professional movie critics, newspapers reviews, bloggers, and forum and movie fan buzz around the web.

Five Best Movie Recommendation ServicesMetacritic
Metacritic rates just about everything, and movies are no exception. Similar to Rotten Tomatoes, the site is largely sentiment-driven and scores are an aggregate based on reviews from elsewhere on the web, prominent voices, independent reviews, authors, bloggers, commenters, and members of the community who are invited to sign up and rate their own movies and experiences.

Jinni, often described as "Pandora for movies," works best when you search for the types of movies, genres, moods, even performers that you like, and you'll see a list of movies that Jinni thinks will fit the bill, thanks to its aptly-named "Movie Genome Project.

The service is only as good as the movies you rate though, so as soon as you sign up, your best bet is to start rating movies right away so the site can get an idea of what you'd enjoy watching. When it does know what you like, though, it makes some great predictions.

Operated by three women who started the site by debating what exactly a "chick flick" really is, the blog has grown into an amazing source for movie reviews and perspectives that you won't find represented in newspaper reviews or on other movie review sites.
Honorable mentions - IMDB, MovieLensYou can check out the full article here.


  1. I am a big follower of Rotten Tomatoes since a long time, will surely check out the othere, thanks for this post

  2. I don't remember any of the time when I had visited these sites.
    Because I strongly feel every one has their own distinct choices which no one else can catch.

  3. My favorites are IMDB and icheckmovies, but I also sometimes look on RT and Jinni.


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