Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Agent Vinod (2012) Review

Your expectations soar as soon as you hear the name Sriram Raghavan, the maker of Ek Hasina Thi (starring Saif and Urmila Matondkar). Agent Vinod, sadly and contrarily, is mediocre at best, as hard as it tries to deliver.

Twists and sub-plots pique your curiosity but as much as I had wanted the second half to live up to the thrill created in the initial half,
I walked out unhappy. The post-interval bit fizzles out. It's exhausting to keep track of countless characters, names and places thrown in.

What works
* The film screams style. The shootout sequence with the song Rabta in the background has been slickly executed.

* The lead pair. Both excel in the acting department. Saif's quirky charm does wonders for the film. His cocky dialogues are to watch out for.

* The 70s music is woven neatly into the film.

What doesn't
* It's tediously lengthy, sucking life out of what could have otherwise been a good film.

* Camera work in the first half an hour is so fast it make you dizzy in the head.

* The first half heightens hopes and is gripping to the core. But it all falls flat in the second half. The pre-climax (the helicopter scene) is a bummer.

A DVD watch at best.