Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Night Good Morning (2012) Review

An independent film, Good Night Good Morning did not release widely and came with zero publicity budget. Which is probably the reason I discovered this little gem only now (two months after its release).

Writer-director Sudhish Kamath (along with Shilpa Rathnam) put together a riveting script, smartly edited, and peppered with some witty dialoguery.

Good Night Good Morning is a story of two characters Turia (Manu Narayan) and Moira (Seema Rahmani) who happen to meet at a bar one night, exchange numbers and get talking. The 80-minute film is about the conversation that ensues that night.

A black-and-white setting with opening credits rolling in the backdrop of jazz assures you're not in for the ordinary. It defies the rules of formulaic celluloid and how! It charms you as it unfolds. It totally has you in grips after a point. That's when you know it isn't a film anymore. It's an experience. You secretly confess to yourselves you've lived it at some point in your life.

If good cinema is what you're looking for, don't miss this one!