Monday, April 16, 2012

Bittoo Boss (2012) - Avoid!

Pulkit Samrat aka Bittoo is a small-time, sought after video-grapher of his town. No shaadi is complete without him. Bittoo wants to make it big but not at the cost of his integrity or principles.... The film is this simpleton's tale of how he goes about achieving this long harbored dream.

Empty theater dampened my spirits, as I waked in hoping for at least something watchable. Bitoo Boss, sadly, is a let down. It felt like watching a B-grade film. The subject is good but not enough to make you want to come to the theaters. Honestly, it's not even worth your time on the DVD except for Pulkit Samrat (of ....Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame despite a tiny role). He was the only USP of the film and the one reason I went to watch BB. Amita Pathak is disappointing. There's no doubt she can act well but I'm not sure I'd even like to watch her on the small screen. If there's an award for the worst couple award, it indisputably goes to our lead pair.

The music is average at best. For a theme and mood like this, the pep-factor is missing. While the film and the songs kept taking me back to Band Baaja Baraat, it's not even comparable.

The film evokes laughs only sparingly in the second half, courtesy Ashok Pathak. But that's not enough after assuring trailers!