Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rakht Charitra 1 (2010) Review

Revenge is the purest emotion and Rakht Charitra brilliantly exemplifies that.

If suspense and thrill are your genre of taste, this one is not to be missed. The film doesn't give you a chance to take your eyes and ears off screen. Content-rich plot, tight screenplay, matchless performances, and its ability to shake you out of your guts scene after scene promises you're in for an adrenaline ride.
The enigma the director (Ram Gopal Verma) creates around every character is staggering. The story moves so fast you have no time to ponder over any flaws along the way.

While every character is to watch out for, Abhimanyu Singh's (playing Bukka Reddy) is a standout performance. He redefines evil. You know you abhor him every time he appears on screen. He depicts villainy like no one possibly ever, I've seen, has. Vivek Oberoi was convincing as Pratap Ravi but I'm not sure if he was best suited for a role that commanded so much authority. That's not to mean he doesn't show promise!

Special mentions - Kota Srinivas Rao playing Nagamuni Reddy (Bukka's father).

A break from RGV's ridiculous experiments, Rakht Charitra was a wholesomely satiating experience. Can't wait to watch the sequel!