Monday, July 16, 2012

Cocktail (2012)

Surprise! Surprise! Cocktail is for all Deepika Padukone fanbois. And the ones who're shy to count themselves part of the club might just change their mind by the end of this film. Cocktail promises there's more to Deepika than long legs ;)

Diana Penti is an onscreen delight. Her chemistry with Saif, though, doesn't quite come through. Did she go overboard with her innocent, cute act? I'm not sure.

Saif is his usual charming self as Gautam (aka Gatloo). His Punjabi mother Dimple Kapadia is hilarious (but sometimes way over the top) and she along with Boman Irani evoke the loudest laughs with amazing dialogue delivery.  

Visually, the film couldn't have gotten better. Courtesy cinematographer Anil Mehta. Every frame looks slick, stylish. Musically, its peppy and enjoyable. Daru Desi and Angrezi Beat make you want to go the theaters to watch the film. (Songs slacken pace in the latter half of the film).

Overall, Cocktail is a breezy entertainer. Just the kind of film you'd want to pick up on a boring weekend. Certainly a one-time watch. 

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