Saturday, September 15, 2012

Barfi (2012) - Review

barfi ranbir kapoor movie
Barfi, by any other name, would have tasted as sweet. You care less about the technicalities of a film, that has its heart in the right place.

Murphy (Ranbir) with his amusing Charlie Chaplin act, the all-in-one charming, sensible and sensitive (no wonder he has both his heroines falling for him ;-) works like magic. Every time your eyes begin to well up, his goofy antics bring back a smile. He's probably one of the only star sons to have proved his mettle in the industry.

The confident Shruti (Illeana d Cruz) doesn't give the slightest hint it's her Bollywood debut. She is not the prettiest face around, but someone who sure can act. And there was something about her voice (totally compensated for our dumb duo ;-)

Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) tops my favorite list. She's an effortless actor. With every film, she makes me believe it is her best work. She wrongs me with every subsequent film. I loved her in Aitraaz, Fashion, Dostana, Kaminey, Anjaana Anjaani(haven't seen 7 Khoon Maaf) but Barfi is her finest performance till date. See I'm getting caught in it again ;-)

Favorites scenes
Too many of them but here are the ones that immediately come to mind:
* The one where Barfi comes to ask for Shruti's hand, with the 'jhilmil sitaron ka aagan' letter
* The one where our knight in shining armor Barfi sitting (well, falling off a horse) is trying to escape Shruti's mother's eyes
* The one where Jhilmil (Priyanka) passes Barfi's friendship test

Music the soul of Barfi. It wouldn't have been half as good had it not been for the music. Is dil ka kya karoon is my favorite.

Barfi's first half is fast-paced and engaging. Somewhere in the latter half, I thought the film could have been tighter. It slightly dragged but thanks to the songs and the background score which kept me going. It's a DVD for keeps. 

Have you seen the film? How did you like it? I want to hear from you :-)