Monday, December 24, 2012

Back with Da(bangg)!

Like all of his recent films, Dabangg 2 celebrates Brand Salman all the way. Chulbul Pandey wins you yet again with his silly yet endearing ways. You end up nodding and smiling to yourself at the silliest of things he does or says. One swirl of his hand becomes a stunt, one shake of his leg becomes a step. It's the style that uniquely typifies him, the style that belongs only to him.

A pistol in hand is more than he can ask for, to fight 20 odd beasts, a spin of his arm gets his opponent down in one fell swoop, his presence most times, is enough to scare away the scariest looking brutes. No one questions why they won't get him all together instead of trying their luck one by one. He's as macho fighting the goons as romancing his wife with all the smirkish liveliness and the giggles, that by the way, don't make you balk. They only makes you fall more in love with this Chulbul 'charming' Pandey.

There's a story that keeps you engaged with some brilliant performances, from Prakash Raj (we loved him in Singham), Deepak Dobriyal (of Gulaal and Tanu Weds Manu fame), Vinod Khanna, Sonakshi Sinha and sooperbly cinematographed stunts but its not the characters that are working together to come up with one good story/film. It's the film as a whole that is working its way to bringing that one character stand out loud. Louder than the film. Watch it for him!

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