Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inkaar (2013)

Inkaar starts off on a compelling note. The director wastes no time building up characters. You meet and get to know them as the film progresses and even then you're not sure you can tell the black from the white. That's the USP. You hope you can put together the scattered pieces as the film takes you back and forth. Unfortunately, while it does so, it gets trapped in a cliche-land. And the climax commits the worn-out Bollywood folly.
The characters are portrayed in a stereotypical fashion, particularly Chittrangada's, in the way she's made to look and even some of her dialogues. She's a great actor and she's proved that in her previous films. I just wish her character was etched out more realistically. Arjun Rampal is a surprise packet. The element of mystery about him and the ease with which he carries himself, is intriguing. Together, the two make a great couple. Deepti Naval comes after a long time on screen adding freshness and color to an otherwise no-nonsense role.  

Overall, the film has its moments, but won't stay with you for long!

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