Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kaun Kamleshwar? (2012)

Kaun Kamleshwar? is a story of two brothers who want to put an end to their life's miseries. They are all set. But life has scripted different plans for the two.
It is amazing how the film weaves in two contradictory threads in this 19-minute short film. The known and the unknown. While it beautifully depicts how uncertain life is and how not all may be in our hands, it consummates that thought with the fact that our thoughts and actions are still moulded by our conscience. How we perceive that inner voice is still our choice.

Director Anurag Goswami beautifully conveys these two ideas with such cinematic brilliance, film connoisseurs can't not love this one!
The film scores primarily because of its taut, engaging screenplay, quirky humor and polished performances. The intrigue created by the title lasts long enough to make you sit back in awe. And it's totally worth it!
The film is a treasure trove for aspiring film-makers.
"We shot the film on 35 mm, over a period of 14 days, in and around Pune. Highways, small roads, dhabas, windmills, a poultry farm - pretty much whatever we found on the roads ended up in the film. I wanted to explore the narrative on the road, moving, travelling," says the 31-year old, FTII pass out director, who quit his high-flying corporate career in Singapore, to make films.
Anurag shot Kaun Kamleshwar? in the final year of his diploma at FTII in 2012. It competed with 6 other films at the London Indian Film Festival this year, and eventually won the coveted Satyajit Ray Foundation's Short Film Award film. The film was also screened at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France earlier this year. The tremendous response for this and his other short films, including his directorial debut The Last Act (a work of 12 directors) which released last year, has him all pepped up for his second film. Watch this space for more!