Saturday, August 31, 2013

Satyagraha (2013) - Movie Review

Ab tak Dheeraj Maanga Tha…Prabhu ab Dheeraj mat dena Sehte Jaaye, Sehte Jaaye, Sehte Jaaye…Aisa Bal bhi mat dena…Utth kar karne hai kuch kaamRaghupati Raghav Raja Ram

The most beautiful part of Satyagraha was this song. It gave me gooseflesh. I wish the spirit of it was kept alive throughout the film. Satyagraha has its heart in the right place. It's like a dialogue with the public. But the film falls short of that wow factor I hoped it would evoke. Or was I expecting too much? And why not? When you have big names backing it, and with a subject that resonates more than anything else with the public today!
The film has its moments, thanks to Amitabh Bachchan and Manoj Bajpai, but the overall impact is bleak. Toadying Home Minister Balram Singh (Bajpai) amuses and entertains while Big B is perfect as Dwarka Anand and mostly responsible for all the good the film will earn. He makes every character his own. It's tough to imagine anyone else play him. Ajay Devgn is such a fine actor. (I'm a huge fan. His most memorable peformance for me will be The Legend of Bhagat Singh). Here, he looks barely interested. His chemistry with Kareena is bland. Their song after the interval breaks the pace of the film. They seemed as uninterested in each other as the audience in them.

Some of you might find the film boring, complaining that its purely a re-run of events that have transpired in the past few months (even though the film-makers claim it's not). While the same reason may have many of you completely involved.

Watch it once for the message it rings loud and clear. It's biggest takeaway. It might just help rekindle and refuel our anti-corruption revolution.

PS: Janata Rocks song was unintentionally funny.