Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interestingly unmissable Bollywood goof-ups: Part 2

We love our films but here are some bloopers, factual and logical, we couldn't ignore:

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
** Tina (Rani Mukherjee) leaves 8 letters for her daughter. One for each birthday. How does she know that Anjali (Kajol) will stay unmarried for 8 years? Till her daughter's 8th birthday? 

** Why couldn't Rani rather tell her mother-in-law (Farida Jalal) to get the two of them married. The entire story rests on this flimsy logic.

** The film (which is set in the 19th century) shows the cricket match is played with 6 balls per over. In those days, it used to be 8 balls an over. 6 balls in an over started, post 1980s.

** Climax. I know its one of the most memorable scenes Bollywood will ever see, but why doesn't Simran just get into the first coach instead of running all the way?

** Climax again: Why would Raj want Simran to run all the way? Why wouldn't he just pull the chain to stop the train? ;-)

** When Raj and Simran are still settling down, the first time they meet each other on the train, Simran's suitcase rolls open. After she's repacked her stuff back into her suitcase, there's absolutely nothing on the floor. From where does the bra crop up?

** Amitabh and Hema Malini separate after Holi to live with their sons for 6 months. If Holi is in March, how are they already celebrating Valentine Day (February), few days later?

** The train 2137 Punjab Mail shown in the film, runs between Mumbai and Firozpur (Punjab) and not between Mumbai-Delhi as shown in the movie.

** When Kareena is arguing over the price of water bottle at the railway station, she has only taken a sip. Notice the water in the bottle reduce in every subsequent shot ;-)

And here's the classic Thakur ka haath in Sholay:

I'm sure there are so many more of those. Feel free to add to the list! 

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