Friday, September 6, 2013

Shuddh Desi Romance (2013) - Review

This review was first published on Times City.

Shuddh Desi Romance holds sway right from the beginning. It has a story to tell and does it smartly and entertainingly, without giving in to please a certain audience. It takes a jibe at the wobbly concept of arranged marriages. It exudes a refreshing vibe, and is far far away from your formulaic love stories in the sense that it literally speaks your language - from the characters to the story. And it holds that tone throughout.

The film works mostly because of its characters. They are very much relatable despite their unpredictability. Its their unpredictability, in fact, that makes them more relatable. Parineeti Chopra is a delight to watch. You'll see traces of Anushka of Band Baaja Baraat in her act. But Gayatri is closer to real than Shruti. Vani Kapoor shines in some scenes while could have been better in others. Sushant Singh Rajput steals the show and how! He knows his skill and strikes every note smack-dab. He's as good romancing as he is with comedy. 

Needless to say how perfectly Rishi Kapoor fitted this role and how his screen presence looms large over every other character. He is one of those actors who gives out an affectionate vibe and is adorable despite his age. Special mention to the character (I didn't get his name) who tags along as a fake baraati. He had some hilarious punches. One that I particularly recall is in the second half (depth chahiye toh Gulzar ka gaana gaale ;-)

While the first half is bubbling with energy, the second half (towards the end of the film) seems slightly stretched. The film could've done away with some repetitive bits but overall, is a fun ride packed with twists and turns and mostly keeps you entertained. A film I wouldn't mind watching again.
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