Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why John Day didn't rock my boat

This review was first published on Times City.

The banner, the makers, the cast (Naseeruddin Shah in any film is enough to make me want to watch it) instill a sense of faith but that gets wonky sometime into the film. It looks like a well-intended film to begin with. The kind of film you want to like. But its marred by an unenganging execution.

Is it about a father avenging his daughter's death? Or is it about his mission to revolt against a rotten system? Is it a crime drama around land-mafia? Or is it purely philosophising good vs evil? Well, its all of this, and its all over the place. There are too many things going on in here for it to earnestly hold your attention.

Little did it matter who triumphed, who succumbed.

Naseeruddin Shah is one of those few actors who can make a hero out of a common man. He gives a decent performance as John Day (the protagonist) but I've seen better of him. After A Wednesday, breaking one's own benchmark can be tough. Randeep Hooda is a great actor. He just needs to be more experimental lest he gets repetitive. For the keen, John Day is a DVD watch.  

(The film has some repulsively gruesome scenes that might not go down too well with the faint-hearted).

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