Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ek Villain (2014) - Review

Ek Villain sticks out like a sore thumb of all the films I've seen so far this year. The contrived thriller is predictable from the word go. Mohit Suri spends two hours taking you back and forth, in a scarcely gratifying execution. I sat there amazed at the idiocy of the plot. What a waste of actors in a story that's lame, and sometimes unintentionally hilarious.
The 70ish dialoguebaazi is cliched and tediously repellent; characters that make even some of those in television soaps look good (like our mafia don Remo Fernandes). What was the director smoking? 

Shraddha Kapoor is a pleasant surprise. She's likeable as the bubbly, do-gooder Aisha. It was tough to concentrate as the smolderingly good-looking Sidharth Malhotra spoke when I interviewed him last week. It's as hard looking away when he's on screen. His scant dialogues made it easier. I could un-guiltily stare away. [And gush and swoon as he went shirtless (twice ;-)] For a two-film actor, this was a decent performance, but despite my gooey love for him, he seemed to be trying too hard. His best is yet to come and he won't be long! Ritesh Deshmukh is good playing the unforgiving baddie. If only he had better lines. His backstory is silly, dialogues sillier, and his wife? Never mind!

The only resurrecting grace is Aisha and Guru's (Sidharth) love story that weaves in enough mush and romance to keep you going, with ever so listenable music.


  1. i agree that the backstory of The villain was silly... And though i liked the wishlists part and wish fulfilling parts, i thought i had seen similar things many times- in movies, in novels..(Before I Fall, The Fault in our Stars)... and terminal diseases are so common - A walk to remember,A millionare's first love(korean)... but it's still good for a one time watch...


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