Saturday, July 12, 2014

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya (2014) - Review

Unlike so many remakes and rehashes (many of which only make you squirm) of Bollywood's most loved films, this modern-day spin to the classic DDLJ has a charm, a soul of its own. A cracker of a love story with a sparkling chemistry between the leads, Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya entertains all along.
It revives happy memories of all those filmi love stories we've grown up watching (and fancied) over the years. If you're a sucker for Bollywood films, how can you miss this one!

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt win you over with their honest, unbridled performances. Humpty Sharma is no hero. He plays the boy-next-door, who woos his girl and her family, with an affectionate innocence and is unlike any other character we've seen in a long time. While Highway helped Alia Bhatt show her range as an actor (after she could've unapologetically been forgotten post a film like SOTY), 2 States and Humpty... let her prove her versatility even in the commercial genre. As Kavya, she effuses genuine verve and just the right amount of sass and spunk. It's one thing to get the right kind of opportunities (even if you come from a filmi background) and quite another to play your cards right. The world is her oyster. I hope she continues to surprise.

The interesting part about Humpty... is while it's an out-and-out commercial film, our actors don't play it loud or hammy. Supporting characters are not mere props in the film. Humpty's friends (Sahil Vaid and Gaurav Pandey) evoke the loudest laughs. Ashutosh Rana, playing Alia's father, balances the stern and the skeptical with convincing ease.

Except the borrowed 'Saturday' and the amazingly redone 'Samjhawan' (originally sung by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan), the music is mostly forgettable.
I won't be surprised to see Humpty... turn out the top grosser of the year. Have you seen the film?

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