Friday, September 5, 2014

Priyanka Chopra delivers a knockout performance in Mary Kom

Riding high on emotion and melodrama, Mary Kom packs in enough punch to keep you rooting for the film and our protagonist till the end.

I'm not sure how much of this real-life tale was fictionalized but director Omung Kumar takes enough cinematic liberties to hold the audience's interest and get its cash registers ringing.

For a first-time director, Mary Kom is an above-average attempt. The screenplay is pacy, leaving no room for distractions except the dramatic flashbacks of Mary's child delivery scenes, which intended to create a build up, but end up all sizzle no steak.

If there's only one reason you must not miss this film, it's Priyanka Chopra. Her act is a fitting tribute to the real-life achiever Mary Kom and her unshakeable resolve to fight a hard-won battle.

You empathize with her, cry for her, smile with her, get inspired by her.

The downside is Mary Kom is not a richly-layered character. She's strong-willed, forever furious (except for rare hints of humor) and loves boxing. That's about it. For a biopic, you'd expect the director to explore beyond this. But Priyanka does complete justice with whatever material she had.

Mary's constant support, husband Onler (played by Darshan Kumar), had a pleasing screen presence. Even as times are changing today, men supporting their wives/families this staunchly is a rarity.

The rest of the cast Sunil Thapa (coach), Rajni Basumatary (mother) and Robin Das (father) fitted well in their roles. 

The film may have been made with a commercial intent, but warrants a one-time watch for the inspiring journey of the wonder woman Mary Kom.

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