Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Haider (2014) - Movie Review

haider review shahid kapoor

The tremendously skilled Vishal Bhardwaj packs a terrific punch with Haider. His technical precision is palpable in every frame. I had no reason to complain about the length. He creates and builds upon every character, every scene with hearty indulgence, letting us soak up and savor every bit of it.

How he adapts this Shakespearean family drama to tell the story of Kashmir, adds a feather to his perfected storytelling!

His poetic rendition and minimalistic tone added to the overall impact. Bhardwaj's direction judiciously and compellingly emphasized reaction over action, which helped connect more passionately with the characters than just the plot. (The song sequence, for instance, where Haider enacts a story and his chacha Khurram's (Kay Kay) response to it or where he catches his mother Ghazala (Tabu) and Khurram sing and exchange a laugh, barely unmoved by his father's disappearance and many more much scenes).

The Oedipus complex between the son and the mother is explored excellently subtly, with just the appropriate overtone to go down well with the Indian audiences.

Shahid Kapoor delivers an explosive performance, reminding us of his remarkable breadth as an actor. From wrath to bewilderment, madness to vengeance, he captures every transition tellingly. Shradha Kapoor is strikingly convincing. Kay Kay and Tabu glide through with mastered ease but it's Tabu who eclipses all and shines in one of the most well-written characters ever. She owns every frame, to say the least.

I could go on but no word quite befits the glory this film deserves. Go watch it!

How about those of you who have seen it? Your views on the film? Let's talk in the comments below. You can also connect with me on facebook or twitter.

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