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pk (2014) - Movie Review

pk film review aamir khan sanjay dutt

pk follows director Rajkumar Hirani's signature template - formulaic, longish, with the regular song and dance routine (which by the way doesn't break the pace), homing in on a social message that rings with the masses. This time Hirani makes a commentary on the religious beliefs that mold our identity as individuals.
The premise isn't much of a surprise after the recently-released religious satire OMG. But Hirani narrates his story in the most gripping, entertaining way. The humor is mostly subtle, dialogues incisive and with Aamir Khan's perfect timings, pk is easily one of the better films of this year. The film has its OTT moments (mostly in the second half) but those are passable in the commercial scheme of things.

While the first half is more about the protagonist - (an alien, whom most earthlings choose to address PeeKay/tharki for his absurd, mystical ways) - coming to terms with life and getting his way by as an inhabitant of a faraway planet, the second-half is more about him coming to terms with the obscurities of these earthlings - their individualities, their beliefs, even their language (He can't figure for the life of him, for instance, why humans would say they love chicken and still eat it). That's the unaffected innocence pk brings to this film which Aamir embellishes further with his perfected skills and experience.

For all the hype that surrounded the film before its release, it's a relief pk turned out the way it did and equally relieving is the fact that not every big actor banks solely on his star power to run a film. Aamir's hard work shines through in every frame.

Except for her egregiously ample lips, Anushka Sharma is a pleasure to watch and a delightful change from her usual super-hyper chirpy self. I wish pk had more of Sanjay Dutt (With the number of days he's out on a parole, Hirani could've easily managed that ;-) His comic timings are unmatchable. I particularly loved the song Tharki Chokro. Their moves are adorable.

Musically, it's Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra's best album after Kareeb. And a DVD for keeps!

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